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All music written, arranged and produced by Dan Pinto featuring additional
performances by Ivan Romero, Rhonda Schuster & John Asti

   Musical Selections:

  Funk Shui
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  Bermuda Triangle
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  Flight Of The Phoenix
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  Pandora's Box
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  Aurora Borealis

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All music was written, arranged &
produced by Dan Pinto
and recorded
 at Pinto Studios.
Released by Eclectic Sound.
All rights reserved, unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.
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A Note regarding the
downloading of the sound
All music tracks on this page are STEREO Hi-Fi quality. Depending upon your computer's capability, a music track should take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes before it is heard. Slower systems please allow proper time for listening.
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About this CD:

     Dan Pinto has put together a genuinely unique catalog of works with this, his latest release. Featured are 10 selections titled with relation to the main Anomalies theme. The music alternates mixing varying combinations of Jazz, Rock, Blues and Classical, joining that with orchestral and moviesound styles in an unusual and powerful Fusion experience. In the extremes, the moods of the music shift from very heavy Rock Fusion to beautifully arranged piano & orchestra. To add further dimension, Dan has invited three very talented musicians to adorn the work.(Detailed information on his musical guests is available at the Anomalies Guest Page.) But even apart from the music, the packaging design and concept was very carefully thought out and is equally unique. The cover features the work of talented photographer, Tom Eklund from Finland (Info on Tom is also available on the Guest page). Also featured are four additional art illustrations including a crossword puzzle on the inner gatefold. The intriguing visuals and puzzle all focus on Anomalies of varying types with all of the designs being from the creative mind and hands of Dan Pinto.

     This CD offers a powerful musical experience as well as going the extra mile in allowing it's listeners to participate in reading and solving the puzzle from the clues that are supplied within. It is a truly unique overall concept CD package design from top to bottom not often seen anymore in today's marketplace.

Track 1: FUNK SHUI
     Fusion-Funk that at times reveals a Modern Jazz feel, this piece is a firecracker that starts the CD off with bang. It has a heavy pop Funk bass underline and a hard rock drums pulse with clever synth effects. It might be hard to believe that there were no guitars present on this piece at all!

Track 2: JIGSAW
     Opening with a beautiful piano intro, this piece explodes into a slow steady heavy beat alternating between 3/4 and 7/8 time. Highlighted throughout with layered acoustic and electric piano sounds, it features a well arranged orchestral bridge and smooth synth sounds.

     Featuring an easy listening Rhodes sounding piano with Bass and Drums rhythm track, this piece highlights "John Asti" on Flute, Clarinet and Soprano Saxophone mixing it up with Dan's orchestral synth Oboe & reeds for a melodically interesting combination.

     If there were ever a piece of music that could be described as Mexican Rock Fusion with a dash of Classical, this would be it! This piece contains extremely technical passages and very intricate electronic keyboard work by Dan, highlighted with precise electric guitar solos featuring "Ivan Romero".
A non-stop rollercoaster ride of musical Jazz-Rock Fusion excitement.

Track 5: FORTY-TWO
     Hinting at times on a Piano style of Michel Camilo, Dan Pinto added a touch of Swing to this Jazzy Piano piece. Primarily a Piano, Bass & Drums number with a percussive Hammond & Latin percussion throughout, Dan couldn't resist an orchestral arrangement at the end to give it an added flair.

     Although Anomalies is generally an instrumental album, and Dan Pinto an instrumental writer, he decided to include this very powerful lyrical piece. Sung by award winning vocalist & writer, "Rhonda Schuster," Dan's lyrics were beautifully brought to life with a serious message of hope. A message that he has dedicated to the survivors of those who perished in the 9/11 disaster.

Track 7: ENIGMA
     With an acoustic guitar and piano ballad feel, this piece has a very memorable and spine tingling melody and chorus. Each time they repeat, something more is added in the way of orchestral arrangement that makes it more and more heart felt right up until the very end.

     An absolute show stopper and arguably the most uniquely powerful piece on the CD. Featuring both "Ivan Romero" on Electric Guitar and "John Asti" on Alto Saxophone, they join together with Dan Pinto's powerful electronic keyboard playing to create a truly unusual combination. The result is a very heavy Jazz-Rock and Blues Fusion powerhouse.

     Close your eyes when this piece begins and you'll feel as though you've been thrown back into the year 2500BC. Dan Pinto opens this number using his moviesound writing skills gradually turning that into a combination of Hammond
B-3 sounds ala
Keith Emerson blended with his own recipe of modern Jazz-Rock Fusion. A tightly arranged work of art that increases in intensity as the melody builds.

     This is the only track on the CD that abandons drums to highlight Dan Pinto's Orchestral ability. Both supported and forwarded by a beautifully arranged rainbow of nearly every classical instrument there is, this Piano piece shows a style that he feels is the most challenging to create. What you are hearing on this piece is NOT a real orchestra, but rather a digitally recreated one, instrument by instrument.

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